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My Philia

by Gowri Bhargav


Should I call you a mother?

Providing a safe haven 

You nurture me in ways several,

And witness every milestone of mine with great ardor.


Should I call you a child?

Ruffling through my untamed hair

You oft tug at my dangling shawl

And naughtily toss the autumnal leaves 

Into my perfect yard.


Should I call you a lover?

Lilting my heart with ecstacy 

You paint kaleidoscopic hues every sunset

And tuck me to sleep ‘neath the shimmering stars with tones dulcet.


Should I call you a confidante?

Lending a patient ear, you listen to my candid outbursts

As a non judgemental friend you stay beside me

Offering sanguine dawns so heavenly.


Nature,my Philia! Your unconditional love is so pure,

Roles many you play in my life – our bond is eternal.



This free verse poem was first published in Penmancy.  It was written for the prompt ‘Philia”.


Picture Credit : Pixabay


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