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Rekindling Passion

by Gowri Bhargav


Falling snowflakes in a winter wonderland,

Cuddled by the fireplace holding your hand,

Ravishing roses in bouquets here and there,

Votive candles lit up everywhere.


Fragrance from the potpourri seeping with glee,

Your lingering cologne smelling heavenly,

Decadent hot chocolate topped with marshmallows,

Sweet conversations sitting so close.


Mellow music playing on and on,

Your lovely eyes to gaze upon,

Whispered endearments, tender kisses,

Igniting touches, warm embraces.


No clocks, no doorbells—not a single phone call,

Nothing to worry, nothing at all,

Just you and me is what I long,

And our throbbing hearts that sing a million songs.


My love! The dreamy list is once again due,

Seasons changed, time just flew,

We both grew old before we knew,

We may count our greys and still let passion brew.



Picture Credit : Pixabay


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