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by Gowri Bhargav

Vibrant landscapes so vast,
Earthly seasons contrast,
Sanguine skies every morn,
Stars—how the night adorns!
Each moment a blessing,
Let’s celebrate and sing.

O’ Lord, grateful we are,
For, your hand is stellar,
You’ve painted a haven,
Open for your children,
Under your shade we live,
Revering all you give.

Wondrous is our journey,
Only you oversee,
Needful is your guidance,
Doubtless is providence,
Every success, your grace,
Rewarding are your ways.


This poem written in the poetry form ” Spirit’s Vessel” secured 2nd place in the December poetry contest held by Penmancy. It was first published in Penmancy.




Spirit’s Vessel

Created by Christina R Jussaume, spirit’s vessel consists of three stanzas of six lines of six syllables each. These stanzas must start with the phrase vessel of your ____.

First stanza: VESSEL
Second stana: OFYOUR (without gap)
Third stanza: writer’s choice (6-letter word)

~The poem will have 3 stanzas; each stanza has six lines; each line has six syllables.
~It  can be rhyming or nonrhyming.
~The poem must be uplifting in content and spiritual.


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