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Somber Soliloquy

by Gowri Bhargav

Sweet melodies sound discordant,

Gentle zephyr has turned errant,

Sublime moon seems coldly distant.


Blooming springs are hushed and replaced by a frigid winter,

Dark clouds of despair infiltrate my remnant life somber,

My frail heart struggles to beat amidst many a fissure.


Kitchen’s clean, I’m ne’er hungry,

Ornate dining room–empty,

Brewed tea lacks flavors any.


Days sadly amble,

With past, I battle,

Future seems fragile.


Six feet ‘neath you sleep,

Ceaselessly I weep,

My pleas fail to seep.


The above poem written for monthly poetry contest held by Penmancy received a special mention.  It was first published here.

Poetry Form : Christ in a Rhyme

Created by Christina R Jussaume, Christ-in-a-Rhyme consists of five 3-lined stanzas that follows the rhyme scheme aaa, bbb, ccc, ddd, eee) and the syllable count:

Stanza 1: 8 syllables

Stanza 2: 14 syllables

Stanza 3: 7 syllables

Stanza 4 and 5: 5 syllables

This poem, when center-aligned forms a cross, hence the name.

The prompt required us to pen a verse focusing on pain and suffering that we or someone feel/s due to love. The poem could deal with individual or collective pain/suffering; it need not talk about Christ’s per se.

Picture Credit : Pixabay

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