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Melancholic Monologues

by Gowri Bhargav

The poem contains the following quote;

You loved me- then what right you had to leave me

-Emily Bronte ( Wuthering Heights)


Thou seeped into my heart like the rays from the rising dawn,

A passionate love story betwixt us was magically born.

I dwelt deep within thy halcyon eyes,

Summoning the celestial bodies from the vast skies.

A world with thou I had sculpted with fervor,

Braving the scorching summer and gruesome winter.

Setting aside all my desires to become one with thee,

I held thy promising hands ardently.

But the sands of time conspired a different story in thy mind,

The reasons for thine ebbing love, I sadly could not find.

Hark! You loved me- then what right you had to leave me.

Can’t thou still hear the zephyr whispering my songs filled with melancholy?


This was a winning poem in the weekly poetry segment contest held by PPJK platform

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