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Susie’s Day at the Beach

by Gowri Bhargav


“Can we go to the beach?” Susie asked her teenage children.

And they said;

“We have homework to complete,

Scheduled online meets,

Tennis class at four,

With our friends next door.”


“Can we go to the beach?” Susie asked her husband.

And he said;

“The cricket match, I can’t miss,

But honey! You go in bliss,

I have my friends coming at three,

To give me company.”


“ Can we go to the beach?” At last Susie asked her friends.

And they said;

“We have errands to run,

Our chores are undone,

Kids have their exams,

We hope you understand!”


Susie sulked,





But after a while she pictured herself all alone at the beach,

Relaxing and sipping a margarita peach.

She declared;

“Oh! How I was wrong,

I don’t need someone to tag along,

At first I felt lonely,

But ‘twas all for the better you see,

Solitude is indeed a blessing,

So much peace it can bring.”


Susie packed her bags with glee,

And set out to the beach happily.



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