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The Hare and the Tortoise-2.0

by Gowri Bhargav

“I lost to you in the race last time. I am sick of being called ‘The Lazy, Overconfident Hare’. This time I’ve decided to be more attentive. I want our fable to be rewritten,” said Hare to Tortoise.


“No Problemo! Let’s do it,” said Tortoise.


And the race began on a bright summer morning. Hare and Tortoise were all set once again for the much awaited race that could probably twist the popular fable.


But within the first few yards, they felt very thirsty.


“Hey Tortoise, do you have a bottle of water?” called out Hare.


“Nope!” said Tortoise.


A crow flew past them.


“Hey Guys! Remember? I’m the ‘thirsty’ crow.”


“Hi buddy! We feel really thirsty.”


“Come on! I will lead you to a pitcher.”


As they drank water, a few jamuns fell from a tree above.

They looked up and were surprised to see a monkey.


“You must be the monkey who has your heart hung on a jamun tree?” said Hare with a wink.


“Ha, Ha! Yes,” he said.


“Here! Take a few more jamuns. They are really delicious.”


The four chatted for a while. The duo then resumed the race.


Suddenly, they heard a roar from a well nearby.


“Somebody please help me. Please pull me out.”


Tortoise and Hare looked at each other.

“Seriously. Another break? You think we should check this out?” asked Hare hesitatingly.

Tortoise nodded.


Hare quickly managed to gather some creepers, tie them into a rope and let it inside the well.


As he pulled it out he was surprised to see the lion who was tricked by the clever rabbit.


“Oh no, it’s YOU! What if you start your mindless killing once again?”

“Please trust me. I promise to be a good king henceforth,” said Lion. He did sound very convincing to them. They actually enjoyed his company for a short while.


“No more breaks, buddy. We are running out of time,” said Hare to Tortoise


All of a sudden the sky was overladen with dark clouds and it began raining cats and dogs.


“Quick! We need to find shelter somewhere,” said Tortoise.


They proceeded towards a brick house down the lane. They knocked at the door.


“Welcome! I’m the eldest pig. And these are my two brothers. We are having a party. You are most welcome to join.”


Hare and Tortoise enjoyed the hospitality shown by the pigs.


Amidst all the partying they completely lost track of time.


“Hare…..! The race must have gotten over by now. Look. It’s already dark outside.”


“Ha Ha! I don’t care about the race anymore. I’ve ditched the idea. Didn’t we have a great adventure today? And just count all the friends we made on the way.”


“You are right! Let’s look at the bigger picture,” said Tortoise.


From that day, Tortoise and Hare dropped the idea of one-upmanship.


Moral: There’s more to life than just winning.

Picture Credit : Pixabay




The following fables have been mentioned in this story;

1) The Hare and the Tortoise

2) The Thirsty Crow

3) The Monkey and the Crocodile

4) The Lion and the Rabbit

5) The Three Little Pigs

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