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The Harrowing Commute

by Gowri Bhargav


Once, in the confines of a crowded bus,
She stood patiently, ignoring the evident fuss,
The clouds outside were dark and gray,
The ensuing events tormented her stay.

Stray fingers brushed against her exposed skin,
Sending shuddering shivers deep within,
Her imploring voice did silently echo,
The stranger’s hand failed to stow.

Fraught she was with dismay and disgust,
The beast acted with unwarranted lust,
His groping hands reached out in haste,
In all possible ways unchaste.

His breath reeked with the smell of alcohol,
She struggled in his clasp like a frail doll,
Helpless she felt with no place to go,
Inches away she saw an umbrella yellow.

She snatched the umbrella, held it like a sword,
With might poked the stranger on board,
He winced with pain, she prodded more,
And stomped on his foot pushed him to the floor.

While the beast was bruised black and blue,
She alighted from the bus with commuters few,
Though she never encountered the beast again,
In her mind he’d left an indelible stain.

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