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Thou Art My Love

by Gowri Bhargav


“In thy pristine eyes I clearly see,

A reflection that belongs to me,

Hark! I belong to thee and only thee,

All thy inhibitions, just break them free.”

The verses flowed from Scarlet’s petalled lips like a gentle river as she spoke to Drek. Her flawless face glistened under the moonlit sky

“Scarlet! Don’t you understand? Your father, the King, would never agree to this. He wants to get you married to Prince James. I don’t deserve you.”

“Come what may, with thou I choose to stay,

I don’t care what the world has to say,

In thy arms I seek shelter,

Promise me a lifetime of love together.”

“Have you already forgotten who I am? Look at my cold, ruthless face.”

“It changed once thine eyes met mine,

The power of love thou shalt not undermine.”

“You are right. That night when I had sneaked into your room, my intention was completely different. I was enticed to taste your royal blood. But the moment our eyes met, I was mesmerized. Besides, you looked at me fearlessly unlike others, and empathized with me for who I was. For the first time in all those years, I felt my frozen heart thaw.”

“Then why all the hesitation my love,

Our unison has been predetermined by the Lord above.”

“You are right Scarlet! If this is what you want then you can stay with me. But remember you will never be accepted by your people once you choose me. Are you willing to sacrifice everything for my sake – a creature of the dark, who feeds on blood?”

“Yes, I know the consequences. But promise me you will never harm another human again. That way everyone will start seeing the goodness in you.”

“I promise. I knew I had to make that decision ever since I fell in love with you.

“Creature of the dark thou may be,

But goodness within thou, I always see.” 

Drek spread his long cape with his arms and embraced Scarlet in his bosom. She was unperturbed by his icy fingers. As he planted a gentle kiss upon her forehead he ensured his fangs did not hurt her.

As they say, love transcends all boundaries. Scarlet chose Drek against all odds. 

“Cut! Lights and cameras off. It was an awesome take. Everyone may disperse,” said the Director.

But Jack and Anne still stood holding each other lovingly.

Jack bent on his knees and stretched out a ring to everyone’s surprise and said;

“I wish to make thee mine in real life too

I shalt love thee forever, what about you?”

Anne stood speechless. She did not expect Jack to pop the question amidst the sets.

Overwhelmed with emotions she said;

“Of course, I wish to be thy wife,

We shalt be inseparable throughout our life.”

Everyone clapped and celebrated. It was an eventful and unforgettable day on the sets that day.



This story was first published in Penmancy. It was written for the prompt #rhymepro  where the one or two characters were required to speak in rhymes. Here’s the backlink;


Picture Credit : Pixabay

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