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Drabbles dipped in love

by Gowri Bhargav


This little book of ‘love’ was conceived on Valentine’s Day. Though love is something which is celebrated every day, sometimes
in words and sometimes in gesture, yet, Valentine’s Day gives us a chance to express our love especially.Drabbles are always tricky to write. To tell a story that consists of all the elements in exact hundred words in no less than a feat to achieve.
Each of the contributing authors has brought forward a unique meaning of the word ‘love’ in their
100 words. Keeping the essence of romance intact, they have sent out some meaningful message
weaved around the emotion called ‘Love’. Love is not always about mushy romance. Neither is it about
fulfilling all the expectations, whims and fancies of the loved ones.

My story “ Through your eyes” is a part of this anthology.

This is available as a kindle edition in amazon.

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