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Ephemeral Life

by Gowri Bhargav

‘Twas spring! Dormant seeds sprouted from a deep slumber,

And slowly blossomed into spritely flowers and leaves

that bobbed with the passing zephyr,

Lush green meadows and fields,

Basked ‘neath the nascent warmth until

“Change!” said Nature as she welcomed the sweltering summer.


The radiant sun blazed for days several

Spreading cheerful ambiance with zeal,

Days were longer bright and gay,

The sun-kissed earth glistened with a brilliant hue until 

‘Twas time to bid adieu to the summer,

“Change!” said nature as she beckoned the mellow autumn.


The leaves transformed slowly in succession,

From green to tangerine, crimson, auburn, and purple with tinges of gold,

A medley of colors melded in harmony,

Crowning the trees that stood tall with pride.

The autumnal winds blew wild and untamed,

And the boisterous leaves susurrated in unison, 

Dancing and twirling in a heavenly trance,

And then at last, like inebriated dancers

They weightlessly fell one after the other,

Bidding adieu to the skeletal trees that seemed silhouetted against the dimming sky.

Caressed by the gentle earth they gazed at the bare boughs that once held them,

And solemnly promised to be reborn with the first call of spring.

“Change!” said Nature as she invited the gruesome winter.


Blanketed by layers of snow, the frosted earth slept once more,

Braving the silence and solitude, 

Fueled by embers of hope that breathed within.

“Hark! Change is inevitable, ephemeral is existence,

Be it the cycle of seasons or life on earth,” declared Nature.


Picture Credit : Pixabay

This poem was written and recited for the Poetry Slam Contest conducted by BTB.

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