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Happily (N)ever After

by Gowri Bhargav

“Honey! I wish to drown in the deepest blue of your eyes and wallow forever in bliss. I’m deeply and madly in love with you,” said Mark and gently stroked his fingers around the nape of Sandra’s neck.

“Yes, my love! I love you too. But you seem to be oblivious to the danger that’s lurking.”

“Danger? What do you mean?”

“Oh, Mark! It’s her. Haven’t you been observing her lately? Her capricious actions are making me nervous. We need to improvise to please her.”

“Hmm, it’s time to steam up things then,” he chuckled and unbuttoned her shirt.

“Mark, STOP! Get your muddled love-struck brain to think. We have to act fast before it’s too late,” glowered Sandra and pushed him aside.

“Whoa! Ok, I’ll think.”

“Good. We have time until tomorrow morning to come up with something. On Sundays, she usually makes major decisions.”

“Why don’t we travel and have mind-blowing adventures?”

“Sounds exciting to me. But definitely not to her. Put your brain to work tonight.”

“Stop overthinking, sweetheart! Let me figure out how passionately we could spend the night.”

“Mark, you suck! I’m going to sleep now. Don’t follow me to the bedroom. Sleep on the couch. Knock the door, only if you come up with an astounding idea to please her,” said Sandra and shut the bedroom door. 

Mark felt dejected and headed to the couch. He racked his brain and finally, came up with a plan.

Mark tiptoed to the kitchen wearing a sinister look on his face and pulled out the sharpest knife from the drawer. He then slowly proceeded towards the bedroom and banged on the door.

Sandra woke up with a start. 

As she unlocked the door she was horrified to see Mark holding a knife.

“Mark…a knife?! Is there an intruder inside?”

“Vile woman! How dare you? I just checked your phone. Tell me eveything about your affair. Now!” Mark’s voice bellowed.

“Mark! No, how could I? I love you. Only you.” Sandra started sobbing.

Mark could not continue his pretentious act anymore. He dropped the knife and hugged her. Tears rolled down his cheek.

“I was just trying to come up with a twist and checked where it headed. But it seems like a bad idea. I know about you, my dear!”

Sandra was relieved.

“Our love is strong. No twists, come what may,” she said and kissed him.

Sandra and Mark then slept peacefully hugging each other.


The next morning, Alicia opened her laptop. She dismally scanned the hundred-odd pages she’d typed.

“Mark and Sandra–you both seem to have a mind of your own and are leading a ‘happily ever after’. But if I send this manuscript to the publishers it’d become a ‘happily never after’ for me. Clichéd story. Weak plot. No twists whatsoever. You may continue romancing in a realm beyond my laptop.”

After having ruthlessly deleted the document, Alicia stowed away her laptop and took out a book to read.

Picture Credit : Pixabay

This story has been written for the January prompt by #ArtoonsInn

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