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I Can Feel Thee

by Gowri Bhargav


During the wintry days, harsh and cold,
I can feel thee in the lingering smell of the cozy quilt as it’s unrolled.
During the quiet moonlit nights, with shadows and silhouettes as my eyes fight,
I can feel thee in the placid moon-soaked river, heavenly in sight.
During the noisy mundane chores, that I oft seek to escape from,
I can feel thee in the whispers soft that rhythmically strum.
During the monsoon as the melody of falling rain fills my ears with dulcet songs,
I can feel thee in the earthy petrichor seeping within my soul that in thine absence longs.
During the solitary moments as I savor my evening tea,
I can feel thee in the wafting fragrance swirling mutely.
During the dark hours filled with stygian gloom,
I can feel thee in the illuminated path of dust from the lone candle in my room.
Every day, every night,
Every moment of my life,
Mon amour! I can feel thee,
In a universe parallel, with thou I wish to be.

This poem written for a prompt given by Asian Literary Society won a certificate of Appreciation.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

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