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Questions of the Heart

by Gowri Bhargav

#napowrimo2022,  #ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour,  #day29


In the vast ocean azure blue,

I was a tiny drop that no one knew.


In the field full of blooms bright,

I was a pale dandelion, fragile and white. 


In the star studded milky way,

As a lone star I did stay.


Among all musical notes that you heard

I was the silent note, empty, unheard…


Then, what made you choose?

Why did you yearn?

Why did you come seeking me?

Is it ’cause of love?

A sign from above?

Or does your heart ephemerally throb for me?



Among all the ocean drops that you know,

You became the pearl who set me aglow.


A dandelion you were but not lackluster, 

Dancing in the wind, you made my heart flutter.


A million stars may shimmer in the sky,

But you were my sun, whose brightness never did die.


Several notes did play for me,

’twas your silent note that filled me with tranquility. 


Have I answered them all?

Are you convinced?

Do you understand why I came seeking you?

It could be a sign,

My heart incessantly throbs for you,

Will you please accept me as yours, my love?


Picture Credit : Unsplash

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