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Celebrate Beauty – Day 23

by Gowri Bhargav


The nascent buds blossom,
In colors infinite,
Emanating fragrance,
Like the elysian fields,
Beauty speaks through spring…

The lush green trees,
Grow in abundance,
Leaves adorn the boughs,
Like bejewelled emeralds,
Beauty speaks through summer……

The mellow breeze blows untamed,
Orange, auburn and purple,
Shimmer through o’er ripened leaves,
And the enamored leaves gyrate to the ground,
Beauty speaks through autumn…

The pristine snowflakes descend,
Like feathered fairies,
And crystallize on the skeletal branches,
Sparkling like dazzling diamonds,
Beauty speaks through winter…

Hark! Beauty lies everywhere, in everything,
Let’s celebrate all the gifts that nature brings.

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