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A Mermaid’s Song

by Gowri Bhargav



Perched upon a jagged rock near the vast shore,
She sat,the mythical creature from the folklore,
Her auburn tresses untamed flew,
As the wild breeze from the azure ocean blew,
Her emerald green eyes ,downcast it seemed,
Flawless was her skin, like the mother of pearl it beamed,
The scales ‘neath her torso glistened reflecting colors several,
As the frothy waves dashed across her body celestial,
In a dulcet voice her song she began,
Her soulful heart unfortunately throbbed for a human…
” A sailor you were, an ardent lover of sea,
You called me your prized possession proudly,
My heart pines for you, true is my love,
Our love story was witnessed by the stars above,
Like a garland of strung pearls I had woven dreams merry,
Crowning me with a seaweed tiara,you had promised to wed me,
But it’s been days, where is your ship, where could you be?
Don’t you hear my tunes of melancholy?
A mermaid I am, drowned in love since the day we met,
Was your tryst ephemeral, did you already forget?
My gushing tears surge like the ocean tides high,
My love, please come before my unheard songs wane and die.


Picture Credit: Pixabay

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