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Demigods Are Alive

by Gowri Bhargav

Demigods are Alive is a collection of 6 different short and long stories by the poet, author, editor, and publisher Monalisa Joshi. These stories portray the lives of six women who are real, far from perfect and faced with myriad problems. The stories of these women protagonists are sure to resonate with the readers because though at the onset these women seem fragile at heart, as the story unfolds we understand their thought process and the underlying reason for their choices and decisions. The author has boldly brought out the raw emotions of such women whose silent screams usually go unheard within the four confined walls. The author has succeeded in her attempt to give her protagonists a human touch which makes her stories reach out to the hearts of her readers.

All the stories are unique. I loved the vivid descriptions of the settings adhering to the timeline chosen, detailed character sketches, and culture infused in every story. The narration is smooth, and easy to follow

Every story in the book makes the reader deeply introspect instead of providing an impulsive judgment.

The Infidel Muse – The protagonist Mohua is left at the crossroads of choosing love in the arms of a stranger after throwing away everything that belonged to her. Is she willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of love? 

Confines – Chitra’s insecurities, her mind filled with a feeling of guilt have been portrayed effectively. Caught between a relationship between her brother-in-law who loses his wife and her serendipitous true love, Chitra struggles to make the right decision.

Calcutta Pudding – Set in the Colonial era, it’s a heartfelt story of a woman named Devi who elopes with her lover Abigail to a foreign land only to realize that it was a mistake. Although her British husband fails to acknowledge her love, she finds contentment in turning a recipe from her homeland, Calcutta Pudding, into a successful business.

Oops, it all happened in my nightgown– In this story, the reader gets transported to the land of dreams along with the unnamed protagonist who encounters strange people. It’s an intriguing story that prompts the reader to interpret the dream in several ways before the story is finally unravelled.

Demigods are alive – This story that explores the Pahari culture is filled with suspense, love, and Palace intricacies has portrayed the strong protagonist Ulma who fails to submit herself before the rules laid out by a patriarchal society.

Mirror, mirror on the wall – The last in the collection is a poignant story that beautifully brings out the unconditional true love between Monjunath and Neelima.

All the stories breathe with life and the protagonists are sure to find a special place in every reader’s heart. I strongly recommend all readers to add this book to their collection and savor these delightful and entertaining stories.

This book published by Chrysanthemum Chronicles is available for purchase in Amazon and flipcart;

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