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Just Another Wave

by Gowri Bhargav

‘Just another wave’, is a collection of the 41 poems by Sai Surve Rane that has been divided into four section- ‘The third planet from the sun’, ‘Reflections’, ‘Through the looking glass’ and ‘Detached’.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the poems. The poems took me through a wave of emotions. They are gentle yet soul stirring, simple yet profound and, ebb and flow like the waves with rhyme and rhythm. I loved the fact that the poet has not used very complex vocabulary. Every poem, irrespective of the length, has a lasting effect and gives our mind something to ponder about long after we’ve finished reading it. The accompanying illustrations are very good.

Though I enjoyed reading all poems, here are some of my favorites- Summer, Sun and Sunflower,  Footprints, Ode to Childhood, Prelude, Changing Reflections,  The Candle, Muted eloquence, Second Chance, Closed, Envelopes,  Begin again. 

In short, ‘ Just another wave’ is a book that will resonate with everyone, not just poetry lovers.

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