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by Gowri Bhargav



Don’t trust a poet,” they said,
“Poets are liars…
They make ;
Mountains talk, trees walk,
Rocks fly, sail ships in sky,
Grow a garden in winter, make it snow in summer,
Bring past to present and travel to the future,
Squeeze dimensions, squash logic,
Dwelling in fantasy, sound lunatic,
Make wrong right, right wrong,
And with verbose verses make their stand strong…”

But I say…
“You call poets liars,
But O ye Men! Your myopic brains fail to see,
That their verses are replete with profundity,
They speak the truth, the greater truths,
By wrapping it in layers illusionary,
They give wings to thoughts,
Make you think beyond the box,
Turn you inside out,
Manifest your concealed voice.
They lure the hidden truths, raw, uncanny,
Through varied perspectives for one to see,
They make, words fluid,flow with ease,
Hark! Their truthful efforts shall never cease.”


Picture Credit: Pixabay

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