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Islands in the Stream

by Gowri Bhargav

If you have ever imagined yourself enjoying a warm cup of tea sitting amidst the tranquil lap of nature, then let me tell you that Sonal Singh’s poetry book “ Islands in the Stream ” is guaranteed to give you that feeling…


The book consists of 48 poems which have been divided into two sections- Nature’s rhapsody and Life’s foibles. All the poems have been exquisitely written with vivid imagery, rich vocabulary and profound meaning.

The poems in section one are truly an ode to nature. I was mesmerized by the way the poet has painted a dazzling picture through her words. I was transported to the serene settings and I must admit a sense of tranquility engulfed me. I was not in a hurry to finish the book ‘cause I wanted to savor every poem at leisure in order to appreciate the thought process that has gone into them.

The second section deals with myriad hues of life and struck a deep chord within me. They had a high emotional quotient and possessed the ability to ignite a reader’s mind in innumerable ways. The poems offer warmth, solace and hope required to brighten our days.


Though every poem is a masterpiece, here are a few of my favorites; An ode to the night, Dusk’s promiscuity, Romance of the fireflies, Breezes, Sunflowers, Islands in the streams, Hope, Lost Nonage, When I am gone, The threads of Memory, You are not alone and, The waves of memory.

I would recommend this book to all poetry lovers. These are the kind of poems that can make your heart sway no matter how many times you read them.


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