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Nostalgic School Days

by Gowri Bhargav



I still remember the golden days of school and its memories,
I oft peep into them, drawing my mind’s draperies…

Starched, ironed uniforms whitened with liquid blue,
Oiled hair braided with bonny ribbons new.
Shoes polished with chalks and what nots,
Rubber bands to tightly hold the stretched out nylon socks.
Tiny pencils sharpened down to its end,
Erasers marked with initials, how we flashed it to our friends!
‘Finger on the lips’, ‘Stand up on the bench’- such punishments were so common,
The wait outside the principal’s room- phew! Not at all fun.
During recess, games so many we played and enjoyed,
Broke and banged windows many, our teachers were sure annoyed.
The endless list goes on forever,
As my memories unfold one after the other…

Those treasured days evoke many an emotion,
I wish I could relive them again if I had the option.


Picture Credit : Pixabay

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