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Songs from the Heart

by Gowri Bhargav

He said;

“My love! I’m neither a good tradesman, nor an artist,

A novice in everything, long is the list.

I neither have diamonds nor any gold,

But my simmering love will ne’er turn cold.

I carry my heart on my sleeve,

My feelings are true, please dost believe.

Thou art my love, my life ,without you I’ll cease to exist,

I wish to make thee my wife,My love, hear this.”


She said;

“I neither need riches, nor thy fame,

Thou art still precious to me all the same.

Love doth ne’er make one poor,

Thou shalt always be rich with my love, my dear!

Don’t think about what the world has to say,

I shalt stay beside thee day after day.

We shalt cross all obstacles together,

Nurturing a lifetime of love forever.

Pure love is truly an elixir and hard to come by,

Now promise to make me thine, let all the inhibitions die.”

Picture Credit : Pixabay

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